We are pleased to present you with the largest virtual armorial on the internet. Featured here are galleries and cross-reference galleries for everything heraldic in nature. We focus primarily on the coat of arms designs because that is where our passions lie

We are unique in that each coat of arms pictured on our site has been rendered individually by us from the descriptions in the various heraldic archives. These are not commerical images gleaned from large database CDs or last name vending companies.

We are compiling information from over 30 major resources, from all parts of the world. And even though some do not agree with each other, all are documented. New records are being added on a regular basis

GREAT NEWS! The staff at Designs of Wonder are really excited. We have been working on new code and ways to make the site more user friendly and easier to read and understand. We will be adding all kinds of new information to our libraries, new galleries, and new ways for our visitors to access the information. We hope to have the make over and new design ready by September of 2005. In the mean time please be advised that we do update the website with new entries about twice a week. So keep coming back to see what is new.

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